Oasys GSA

The intuitive software allows engineers to design structural models with 1D, 2D and 3D finite elements however large or complex. With inbuilt form finding routines and API links to your own programs, GSA Suite allows you do create the optimum structure. It will then design your steelwork and concrete reinforcement, check for seismic response and human induced vibration, calculate buckling capacities, and can even tell you where you have made mistakes in your model.

As engineers and architects push the boundaries with new creations, GSA offers a quick, accurate, and affordable solution for the most advanced project. GSA has been used on a wide range of projects worldwide, including the Swiss Re (London), CCTV Headquarters (Beijing), Las Vegas High Roller, and is recognised globally as one of the most complete packages for structural engineers.

GSA’s easy-to-use interface and customer support mean you’ll be creating and sculpting models in no time. A spreadsheet-friendly file format and smooth interaction with other tools make this software the perfect choice. GSA is BIM (Building Information Modelling) compatible and is designed to connect with a range of other leading software packages including Autodesk Revit.

GSA Suite, is our most comprehensive structural package, offering all of the GSA variant features along with form finding and fabric analysis tools for tensile and gridshell structures.


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